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Ferrous metals?

Ferrous metals contain iron and are generally magnetic (learn about the "Magnet Test"). Ferrous metals may be pure iron or they may be alloys of iron. Because quality stainless steel does not stick to a magnet, it is often classified as a nonferrous metal. However, stainless steel does contain iron and technically is a ferrous metal. As an example, lower grades of stainless steel contain more iron and are treated as ferrous.

Non-ferrous metals?

Nonferrous metals do not contain iron and are generally nonmagnetic. Some examples are aluminum, brass, copper, zinc and lead.

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Materials We Commonly Buy

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Aluminum in its pure form is a silver white metal which is light, non-toxic, non-magnetic and will not spark. When combined with various amounts of copper, magnesium, silicon, manganese and other elements it forms alloys with very useful properties for specific applications.

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Copper is one of the first metals used by man and is easily identified by its reddish colour and bright metallic luster. It is malleable, ductile and a great conductor of heat and electricity. Most commonly it is recognized in plumbing and electrical applications.

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#1 Brite

#1 Copper

#2 Copper


An alloy of copper and zinc, it is one of the most frequently purchased metals. The proportions of copper and zinc are varied to create quite a number of different grades. Often, lead, tin or other metals are added to the alloy in small amounts to enhance the machinability of the metal, to assist in further resisting corrosion or to make the alloy harder and easier to forge.

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Yellow Brass

Taps & Faucets

Red Brass

Brass Turnings

Insulated Wire

With the wide variety of electrical applications in today’s world, there are quite a number of different grades of insulated wire. It is the weight of the copper, or aluminum, recovered from the wire, less the cost of removing it, which will determine how the wire is valued at market price for the metal.

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#1 Wire

#2 Wire



House Wire

Tek Cable


We purchase a number of different types of radiators, the most common of which are automotive radiators, aluminum radiators, aluminum/copper radiators and heater cores. In all cases, the fluids and gases should be properly removed and to reach their full value, the radiators should be free of plastic, steel, rubber and other contaminants.

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Heater Cores

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is the most common of the nickel and high temperature alloys which we purchase. The various series of stainless steel are comprised mainly of nickel, chrome and iron and are valued for their non-corrosive nature. While stainless steel is used in many different applications, it is most familiar in the food, chemical, medical and auto industries.

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304 Stainless

Nickle Alloys



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#1 Heavy Melt


Prepared plate

Cast iron


Oversize equip.

Other Materials

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Zinc die cast


Electric motors



EOL electronics

Items We Accept with Conditions

Although this list is not a comprehensive one, it provides some guidelines to frequently asked questions regarding certain items we accept with conditions. If you have an item that does not appear on this list, our staff are available to answer your questions and to discuss any concerns you might have.

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  • Ballasts and Capacitors

  • Batteries

  • Barrels & Drums

  • Car Bodies

  • Cylinders for Compressed or Liquefied Gases, Tanks

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • White Goods

  • Scrap Containing Asbestos

  • Scrap Containing Fluids

  • Shells and Munitions

  • Transformers

Other Items

  • BBQ’s (propane tank removed)

  • Snow blowers (liquids removed)

  • Lawn mowers (liquids removed)

  • Bicycles

Items We Don't Accept

The reason some items are not accepted is that we are not set up to handle them in a safe and responsible manner. We can assist in referring you to facilities which can properly handle those items we do not accept.

  • Non-lead acid batteries

  • Hazardous or toxic waste - As defined by federal, provincial or municipal laws.

  • Magnesium turnings

  • Radioactive sources

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