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Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. We have tried to provide comprehensive information to help you understand our offerings better. If you have any other doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

What do I need to bring to sell scrap at Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd.?
All customers must be at least 16 years of age and are required to have valid driver’s license. Customers will be required to have their ID scanned and must sign declaring they are authorized to sell their material. Non-Ferrous material must be bought out of vehicles bearing a valid license plate. No walk-ins are accepted.

What is the difference between Brass and Copper?
Brass is a yellow color, whereas Copper is a red color. If you cannot tell the difference, take a file to scratch the material and see the true color of the metal.

What is the difference between #1, #2, and #3 Copper?
#1 copper has bare bright wire, #1 copper tubing, #2 copper tubing/wire and #3 roofing copper. To see more information visit the Pictures & Materials Page.

Does Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd. take Aluminum Cans?
We buy cans or tabs by weight.

Is Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd. an auto wrecker?
No, but we do buy certain car parts like: aluminum rims, aluminum hoods and doors, brass or aluminum radiators, alternators and starters.

Does Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd. take cars? What car parts can be scrapped?
We take cars, but they must be stripped of upholstery, tires and all fluids. We do take parts such as; aluminum rims, aluminum hoods and doors, brass or aluminum radiators, alternators and starters.

How can I make more money scrapping?

Don’t forget to view the material list to see what materials to separate before coming to Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd.

What are metals worth?
Non-ferrous materials are worth significantly more by weight. If you have a lot of non-ferrous we suggest you separate them in your load prior to coming to our yard. You can still unload ferrous and non-ferrous in one trip, just as long as you’ve separated it beforehand. Prices vary dramatically and change with market fluctuations. Contact us for today’s pricing.

Does Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd. take computer parts?

No. Please recycle these materials at Prince George Recycling & Return-it Centre - 2614 Petersen Rd, Prince George, BC V2N 1P1

Phone: 250-645-0317

What are Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd.’s hours?
Monday – Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm. Summer hours are different.

Where is Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd. located?
Click here for our Prince George location on Google Maps. Click here for our Terrace location.

Do you charge to provide a roll-off bin?
The cost of the bin is factored into the price of the metal. However, in order to return value to you, there must be enough weight to justify handling the material in this manner.

Do you offer residential pick-up?
We normally do not operate in residential areas as the pick-up cost is prohibitive for small quantities of material. We can, however, recommend you to others who will provide this service. Our Dispatcher can help you in this regard.

How do I get paid for the materials I bring you?
Payment will be made either in cash or by check as the law requires. If you can provide your GST/HST number, we will add the tax to our payment.

How can I be certain of what type of metal I have?
You will find that our staff are always pleased to analyze a sample for you and to provide specific guidelines for handling, sorting and separating material.

Do you have any limits on the amount of metals you will accept?
There are no large limits on the amount of metals we will accept. We do require a minimum $10 load value for small items. For large truck load quantities it is a good idea to advise us ahead of time of your arrival in order to ensure yard availability of a speedy unload.

Will I get more for my metals if I separate them myself?
Any time metal has to be sorted, graded or processed to remove contaminants, its value will be reduced.

Will you pick up my scrap appliance (fridge, stove, dishwasher etc.)?
We will not pick up your used appliance although if you contact us we can assist you in setting up a pickup with one of our local contacts.

Will you pay for plumbing/electrical excess?
if it’s made of metal we buy it.

Will you take car batteries?
We buy car batteries from the public or accept drop off at our facility where they are stored in our battery bin and shipped to a licensed battery recycling facility.

If I need a piece of steel can I take a look around your yard?

You can browse the materials we have available at our main yard but please stop in at the office first. For your safety, all visitors in the yard must be accompanied by an Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd. employee and wear a visi-vest and hardhat for safety.

Where should I stand at drop-off?
Feel free to watch. It’s an amazing sight. But, when our equipment is loading or unloading your vehicle, please stay clear of the area. This takes a lot of skill and the operator must be able to concentrate on the task at hand to safely perform his work. The safest place to be is outside and in front of your vehicle.

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