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A picture of a worker operating a claw crane


At Allen's Scrap & Salvage (2021) Ltd., we appreciate your business and understanding of our need to protect employees and the environment.

  • The speed limit in the yard is 10 km/hr.

  • The speed limit on the scales is 3 km/hr.

  • Be aware of pedestrians, vehicles and equipment at all times.

  • Anyone using offensive language or aggressive behavior may be asked to leave the property.

  • If you have a Visi Vest and/or hard hat, please wear it. Anyone looking for material in the yard must come to the office first to be escorted by an employee in the yard to ensure safety.

  • Keep away from heavy equipment. When our equipment is helping you unload, the safest place to be is outside and in front of your vehicle. That way your vehicle can protect you from the possibility of flying debris.

  • Watch out for heavy equipment.

  • Make eye contact with the operator before moving around mobile equipment.

  • Do not climb on or take material from scrap piles.

  • Watch out for pedestrians while driving (especially when backing up).

  • Dress appropriately - - wear sturdy shoes and use gloves to handle scrap.

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